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Defining Common Digital Marketing Terms 

The internet is younger than most of us, or at least, it is our age mate. However, the digital marketing sphere has grown so fast. Every company is nowadays engaged in one form of digital marketing or the other. You must have encountered some digital marketing words, what we call jargon, and wondered what the heck are all these? The digital marketing sphere has acronyms such as PPC, SEO, SEM and SMM, which may not be familiar to most people. In this article, I will define some terms that are commonly used within the digital marketing sphere: 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - You must have asked yourself why some websites appear top among search results, while others only appear on the second or third page whenever you conduct a Google search (I can bet you use Google!). Optimization simply means making the best use of something, or a resource. SEO makes your website more likeable to search engines. Well, what is a search engine? Simply the program you use to type your search words. Again, I bet you are using Google or Bing. And you used keywords. 

A keyword is simply a phrase or a word that websites optimize for SEO. 

So SEO is an art and science of using keywords that people are most likely to use when searching for your type of business to compete with other websites. SEO makes your website rank among the top search results, hence driving traffic to your website.  SEO is a critical strategy for businesses and brands that want to increase web traffic i.e., to have many people checking out the site.  

Onsite SEO Optimization versus Offsite Optimization 

Onsite optimization (on-page SEO) is a strategy you use on your site to make it more likeable to search engines. Search engines will rank your site higher if it is likeable. It is the natural rule for humans to rank higher those they like and rank lower those they dislike. The internet works like humans, somehow. So you could optimize your site by having valuable, in-depth content, creating URLs that are SEO friendly, improving page load times, and having other internal links on the page to make visitors stay longer!

On the other hand, offsite optimization (off-page) is the strategy you do outside your website to make your website more likeable to search engines. This basically involves having links in other places that direct people to your site. Link building is critical in driving traffic to your site. 

PPC - Pay Per Click - is an internet marketing model where businesses will pay each time their ad is clicked. The business here is the advertiser. The advantage is that the advertiser will only be charged when someone clicks on their ad. In essence, we are sure that the person clicked on the ad. Think of a billboard on a busy highway, and it is difficult to count the number of people who saw it, although people actually saw it. For PPC, we can count exactly how many people saw the ad online and clicked on it. It is an effective way of accounting for your advertising expenditure and getting value for your money. 

I am sure we can go on and on, but next time you see SEO, PPC, Keywords, etc., at least you will have an idea. The goal here is to increase traffic to your website. With the hope that when people visit your website, they will show interest in the product or service you are offering, leading to a sale. This, really, is the essence of digital marketing - increasing sales. 


Tabala Digital Team
Date: Mar 11 2022

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