Dominate Video Marketing with AI: 10 Best Tools for 2024

Creating video content has become increasingly important in today's digital world. However, it can also be a daunting task due to the high costs associated with renting expensive studios, managing complex filming equipment, and spending countless hours editing the footage.

But what if there was a better way?

We are introducing the revolutionary power of video AI! This groundbreaking technology empowers anyone, regardless of experience, to become a video master.

Imagine crafting captivating content in minutes, transforming dull text into dynamic visuals, and reaching a global target market with multilingual narration – all within your reach.

Stop struggling to be seen. Unleash the potential of video AI tools and:

• Become a thought leader: Share engaging and informative content that establishes your expertise.

• Skyrocket brand awareness: Generate buzz and increase engagement with eye-catching videos.

• Boost leads and conversions: Drive action and results with compelling visuals that convert viewers.

• Educate and entertain: Captivate your audience with dynamic stories that inform and inspire.

This guide provides a detailed overview of 10 of the most effective video AI tools that are currently available:

1. Synthesia

2. Pictory

3. Invideo

4. AI Studios

5. Promo

6. HeyGen

7. Colossyan

8. Boolvideo

9. Morise AI

10. Fliki

We'll delve deep into each tool, comparing features, pricing, and user ratings.

This guide will help you discover the perfect AI partner to unleash your video marketing potential and dominate the digital world in 2024.

Beyond the Hype: Exploring the Rise of Video AI

Video has become the undisputed king of content marketing. Studies show that videos significantly increase brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates.

In 2022, video accounted for 82% of internet traffic, up from 73% pre-pandemic!

Creating videos traditionally can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring specialized skills and dedicated resources for scriptwriting, filming, editing, and adding animations and effects.

This is where AI video creators come in, offering a game-changing solution.

These innovative tools leverage artificial intelligence to automate various aspects of video creation, allowing users to produce high-quality content quickly and easily, even without professional experience.

This not only saves time and resources but also opens up video content creation to a wider range of individuals and businesses.

Unleash the Power of Video AI: Features and Benefits Beyond Automation

Video AI tools are more than just automated assistants; they are powerful creative partners that can transform your video creation journey.

Let's explore the key features and benefits they offer:

Boost Your Efficiency and Productivity:

  • Scriptwriting Assistant: No more staring at a blank page. Generate compelling scripts in minutes based on keywords, outlines, or existing content, saving you valuable brainstorming and writing time.

  • Storyboard Visualization: Visualize your video's narrative flow effortlessly. AI automatically creates storyboards from scripts, ensuring clarity and focus throughout your project.

  • Automated Editing: Free yourself from tedious tasks. AI handles basic editing like trimming clips, adding transitions, and adjusting audio levels, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects.

  • Text-to-Video Magic: Transform your written content into captivating videos. AI generates narration, animation, and visuals, bringing your words to life effortlessly.

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  • SEO: Increase website traffic by 300% with targeted SEO campaigns.

  • Content marketing: Attract and engage customers with high-quality content.

  • Social media marketing: Create epic content that gets shared and drives traffic.

  • Google Ads: Effective paid strategies with clear ROI. Let our team help you get the most out of your ad spend.

  • Email marketing: Connect with your audience and drive conversions with targeted email campaigns.

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Enhance Quality and Engagement:

  • HD Upscaling: Breathe new life into your old videos. AI upscales low-resolution footage to HD quality, improving clarity and visual appeal for a modern audience.

  • Background Removal Freedom: Unleash your creativity with seamless background removal. AI automatically removes backgrounds, allowing you to add new scenes or overlays with ease.

  • Dynamic Motion Graphics: Add visual interest and excitement to your videos. AI generates stunning animated elements and motion graphics, making your content stand out.

  • Perfect Soundtrack: Find the perfect audio to complement your message. AI recommends and generates royalty-free music and sound effects that match the tone and style of your video.

Reach a Wider Audience:

  • Inclusive Captions and Subtitles: Make your content accessible to everyone. AI automatically generates captions and subtitles, enabling viewers with hearing impairments or those who prefer watching with sound off to enjoy your videos.

  • Multilingual Narration: Break down language barriers and reach global audiences. AI generates voice-overs in various languages, allowing you to connect with viewers worldwide.

Collaboration Made Easy:

  • Cloud-Based Teamwork: Work together seamlessly even when miles apart. Many video AI platforms offer cloud-based editing and collaboration features, facilitating remote teamwork and efficient project management.

  • Streamlined Version Control: Keep track of your progress and manage feedback efficiently. AI tools offer version control and feedback management features, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the video creation process.

A Closer Look at Leading Video AI Tools

Now, let's delve deeper into the specific features, functionalities, and pricing of each of the video AI tools mentioned earlier:

Synthesia: Revolutionizing Video Personalization

Synthesia is a cutting-edge AI platform that empowers anyone to create personalized videos without needing actors or filming. It utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to generate lifelike videos featuring computer-generated avatars that speak in various languages and voices.



  • Diverse Avatars: Choose from over 150 ethnically diverse AI Avatars, finding the perfect representation for your message.

  • Global Reach: Create videos in 120+ languages and accents, expanding your reach and engaging international audiences.

  • Instant Voiceovers: Simply type your text and watch it transform into professional voiceovers in minutes, saving you time and effort.

  • Natural Gestures: Add subtle and realistic micro-gestures to your avatar, such as head nods and raised eyebrows, for enhanced engagement.

  • Your Voice: Clone your voice and pair it with a custom AI Avatar to create personalized and authentic videos.

  • AI Scriptwriting: Generate video scripts effortlessly with prompts powered by ChatGPT, overcoming writer's block and streamlining your workflow.

  • Built-in Recorder: Capture short videos of your screen directly within Synthesia, adding another layer of visual storytelling to your content.

  • Animated Elements: Bring your videos to life with dynamic animations tied to your script, enhancing the visual impact and grabbing your audience's attention.

  • Collaborative Editing: Get feedback, add comments, and edit your videos in one central location, simplifying collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Free Trial: No, but you can create a free demo video here.


  • Starter plan: $22/month.

  • Creator plan: $67/month.

  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing.

Pictory: AI-Powered Storytelling Simplified

Pictory empowers modern creators with a unique approach to video storytelling. Its AI-powered research helps you identify the right narrative elements to captivate your audience, making long-form video creation seamless and impactful.


  • Script to Video: Transform your existing scripts into captivating videos with ease.

  • Blog to Video: Repurpose your blog content into engaging videos in seconds.

  • Edit Videos Using Text: Craft captivating videos with just your words.

  • Create Video Highlights: Extract the most impactful moments from your videos in minutes.

  • Auto Caption Videos: Make your videos accessible to everyone with automatic caption generation.

  • Auto Summarize Long Videos: Get the gist of any video in seconds.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Starter plan: $19/month.

  • Professional plan: $39/month.

  • Teams plan: $99/month.

Invideo: Visual Storytelling Redefined

Invideo is a powerful online video creation platform that empowers individuals and businesses to transform ideas into captivating visual stories. It offers a wide range of features and tools that make it easy to create professional-quality videos without the need for expensive equipment or editing software.


  • YouTube Video Editor: Edit and enhance your YouTube videos easily.

  • AI Talking Avatar: Create lifelike talking avatars that can deliver your message.

  • AI Script Generator: Generate AI-powered scripts for your videos in minutes.

  • AI Text to Video: Transform your text content into engaging videos automatically.

  • AI Video Editor: Trim clips, add transitions, and adjust audio levels automatically.

  • AI Faceless Video Generator: Create faceless video content without showing your face.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Free plan with limited features.

  • Business plan: $15/month.

  • Unlimited plan: $30/month.

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AI Studios: Elevating Video Production with Artificial Intelligence

AI Studios empowers creators with AI-powered tools to streamline video production and achieve professional results. It offers a suite of features that automate repetitive tasks, overcome resource limitations, and unlock new creative possibilities.


  • AI Video Generator: Create videos automatically with AI-powered technology.

  • Text to Video: Transform any text, blog, PDF, URL, or script into polished videos with AI voices.

  • PowerPoint to Video: Convert your presentations into high-quality videos featuring AI avatars, perfect for scaling your content.

  • ChatGPT Scripting: Craft compelling scripts faster with the combined power of AI Studios and ChatGPT.

  • One-Click Deepfakes: Generate deepfakes with a single click, adding a new dimension to your video content.

  • Face Swap: Create videos with AI characters without needing actors, cameras, or microphones.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Basic plan: $30/month.

  • Pro plan: $225/month.

  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing.

Promo: Crafting Exceptional Videos for Maximum Impact

Promo is a powerful and user-friendly online video maker that empowers individuals and businesses of all sizes to create stunning video content without any prior experience.


  • Video Maker: Create dynamic videos from any image, instantly bringing your visual content to life.

  • Free Image Resizer: Resize images effortlessly with just a few clicks, ensuring perfect dimensions for any platform.

  • Photos to Video Maker: Transform your still photos into captivating videos, adding a new dimension to your visual storytelling.

  • Social Media Calendar: Discover relevant special occasions each month and easily create custom videos to celebrate them.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Starter plan: $29/month.

  • Standard plan: $59/month.

  • Pro plan: $199/month.

HeyGen: Unleashing Creativity in Video Editing

HeyGen is a groundbreaking AI-powered platform that revolutionizes video creation and editing. Its intuitive interface and powerful features empower anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to unleash their creativity and produce professional-quality videos.


  • Custom Avatars: Let AI avatars be your voice and face, perfect for branding and marketing.

  • One-Click Translation: Seamlessly translate your videos while maintaining the original message, thanks to natural voice technology.

  • Voice Cloning: Make your AI avatar truly yours by replicating your voice.

  • AI Text to Speech: Choose from 300+ voices in 40+ languages for studio-quality voiceovers at a fraction of the cost.

  • Talking Avatars: Pick from 100+ diverse avatars, type your script, and HeyGen will generate lip-synced videos in minutes.

  • Zapier Integration: Automate your video creation workflow by connecting HeyGen to your favorite tools, no coding is required.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Free plan: $0/month.

  • Creator plan: $24/month.

  • Business plan: $72/month.

  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing.

Colossyan: Unprecedented Video Editing Capabilities

Colossyan is a revolutionary video editing platform that empowers creators of all skill levels to achieve professional results effortlessly. Its intuitive interface, powerful features, and AI-powered tools redefine video editing, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


  • AI Voices: Make videos in 70+ languages without needing voice actors.

  • AI Avatars: Create effective training videos with AI avatars in minutes.

  • Localize Videos: Translate your videos faster than ever with Colossyan's AI translation technology.

  • AI Script Assistant: Brainstorm ideas, refine your message, and accelerate production with GPT-3 integration.

  • AI Prompt to Video: Transform ideas into video drafts instantly with AI-powered generation.

  • Text to Speech: Generate natural-sounding voiceovers in 70+ languages using AI and human voices.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Starter plan: $28/month.

  • Pro plan: $96/month.

  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing.

Boolvideo: Simplifying Video Content Creation

Boolvideo is a revolutionary video editing software designed to simplify video content creation for everyone, regardless of their editing experience.

It offers a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and AI-powered tools that make creating engaging videos faster and easier than ever before.


  • Cut & Trim with Confidence: Get optimal cuts and trims suggested by AI for better flow.

  • Natural Voiceovers: Generate voiceovers in multiple languages without needing actors.

  • Background Remover: Remove unwanted backgrounds, perfect for product demos and green screen effects.

  • Video Enhancer: Upscale and enhance your videos with color correction and noise reduction.

  • AI Script Assistant: Generate ideas, refine messages, and accelerate production with GPT-3 integration.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Starter plan: $7/month.

  • Standard plan: $23/month.

  • Pro plan: $55/month.

  • Ultra plan: custom pricing.

Morise AI: Elevating Video Soundscapes

Morise AI  is your one-stop solution to skyrocket your YouTube success. This AI-powered toolbox empowers content creators and businesses of all sizes to generate captivating video ideas, optimize content for maximum reach, and analyze performance for continuous improvement.


  • Endless Video Ideas: Unleash the power of AI-driven brainstorming to generate engaging concepts tailored to your audience and niche.

  • SEO-Optimized Titles & Descriptions: Capture attention and boost your ranking with instantly generated titles and descriptions that leverage AI for maximum visibility.

  • Effortless Tag Creation: Say goodbye to tag headaches with AI-powered optimization, ensuring your videos reach the right audience.

  • Vibrant Community Management: Foster deeper connections and build a loyal community by crafting compelling Community Posts and polls easily.

  • Automate and Conquer: Streamline your workflow by automating repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on creating and growing your YouTube empire.

  • Performance Insights Made Easy: Uncover valuable insights into your channel's performance with detailed analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for continuous growth.


  • G2: 0.

  • Capterra: 0.

Free Trial: No.


  • Simple plan: $29/month.

Fliki: Your AI-Powered Video Creation Platform

Fliki is an innovative platform designed to simplify video content creation for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. It utilizes AI technology to automate tedious tasks and provide powerful tools to help you create engaging video content in minutes.


  • Text to Video: Transform any text into engaging videos: Blog posts, scripts, prompts.

  • Blog to Video: Convert your blog articles into videos with AI, reaching a broader audience and improving searchability.

  • Tweet to Video: Turn your tweets into captivating videos for TikTok, Reels, and Shorts, spreading your message instantly.

  • AI Voice Generator: Choose from 75+ languages to find the perfect voice for your content.

  • AI Avatar Generator: Craft compelling narratives with realistic avatars, adding a personal touch to your content.

  • Idea to Video: Unleash your imagination and let Fliki's AI bring your ideas to life.


Free Trial: Yes.


  • Free plan: $0/month.

  • Standard plan: $28/month.

  • Premium plan: $88/month.

Choosing the Right Video AI Tool: A Guide for Your Needs

With so many video AI-powered solutions available on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Your Needs and Goals: What video content do you want to create? What are your goals for using video AI (e.g., increasing brand awareness, generating leads, driving sales)? Identifying your specific needs will help you narrow down your options.

2. Ease of Use: Choose a tool that is user-friendly and intuitive, especially if you are not a professional video editor. Look for tools that offer tutorials, templates, and customer support to help you get started.

3. Budget: Video AI tools can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars per month. Choose a tool that fits your budget and offers the features you need.

4. Features and Functionality: Different tools offer different features and functionalities. Consider which features are essential for you, such as text-to-video conversion, animation tools, voice synthesis, and access to stock footage.

5. Target Audience: Some video AI tools are specifically designed for businesses and marketers, while others are more suitable for individual creators. Choose a tool that is tailored to your target audience and brand.

Based on your specific needs and preferences, here are some recommendations for different types of video content creation:

  • Social Media Videos: Fliki, Invideo. Promo

  • Explainer Videos: AI Studios, Colossyan

  • Marketing Videos: Promo, HeyGen

  • Educational Videos: Pictory, Synthesia

  • Personalized Videos: HeyGen, Booltool

  • Professional Video Editing: Morise AI

The Future of Video AI: A Glimpse into the Horizon

Video AI is still in its early stages of development, but it is already transforming the landscape of video content creation. As AI technology evolves, we can expect even more powerful and sophisticated tools to emerge, making video creation more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Here are some key trends and predictions for the future of video AI:

  • Increased Realism and Accuracy: AI-generated content becoming indistinguishable from real characters.

  • Enhanced Creative Capabilities: Advanced features for editing, animation, and effects.

  • Improved Accessibility and Affordability: More affordable and user-friendly tools.

  • Integration with Other Marketing Tools: Seamless integration with existing marketing platforms.

  • Collaborative AI Content Creation: Facilitation of real-time collaboration.

  • AI-powered Video Marketing: Personalized campaigns and dynamic ads.

  • The Rise of Interactive Video Experiences: Real-time viewer interaction with polls, quizzes, and augmented reality.

  • Ethical Considerations and Transparency: Addressing concerns about bias, privacy, and ownership.

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Start Creating Today! Unleash the Power of Video AI

Video AI offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your content creation process. Here's how you can benefit:

  • Effortless Text-to-Video: Transform your text into captivating video narratives, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Global Audience Reach: Connect with audiences worldwide through multilingual narration, expanding your brand's reach.

  • Engaging Storytelling: Craft engaging videos that educate, inform, and inspire your viewers, fostering deeper connections.

  • Elevated Brand Awareness: Skyrocket brand awareness and drive conversions through targeted video campaigns.

Join the video AI revolution and unlock a world of creative possibilities!

Are you ready to become a video master and unlock the immense potential of video AI?

Start your free trial of a video AI tool today! Explore a diverse range of options, discover the perfect fit for your needs, and embark on a thrilling video creation journey.

With video AI as your guide, you'll captivate audiences, achieve your marketing goals, and leave a lasting impact on the digital world.

Don't wait – the future of video is now!

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